About The Imagine Build

Working closely with Oneida Nation of the Thames we are building bridges between communities and walking this journey together to build accessible homes for families.

“You can build a house, not a home. It is my vision to begin the long overdue process of bringing our people home.”

Former Elected Chief, Adrian Chrisjohn

Section 89(1) of the Indian Act protects property on reserves so it cannot be mortgaged and used as collateral by a non-First Nation person.  Therefore, the process is designed so it is very difficult to own your own home if you are living on a Settlement or Reservation.

Ask yourself, when you bought your first home did you have the full sum to purchase or only need 10% down payment? 

This is the difference - sit with this and Imagine a way forward to create a new process built from dignity, understanding and success.

To understand more read: 21 Things You May Not Know About The Indian Act


About Oneida

Today’s Oneida Nation of the Thames is a flourishing and vibrant Iroquois community. The Oneida Nation of the Thames, like other Iroquois Nation’s is a sovereign independent Nation with its own traditional hereditary and contemporary systems of governance and law.


Established in 1840, as the “Oneida Settlement” the evolution of this great Nation transforming from an agricultural society into a modern and versatile Iroquois community.

The Oneida Nation of the Thames is home to 2,172 residents and has a total membership of 6,270. Located in picturesque southwestern Ontario, the Oneida Nation Settlement borders lush and fertile agricultural lands and is nestled along the eastern shore of the Thames River 30 kilometers south of the City of London. The Oneida Nation of the Thames is close neighbour and friend to the Chippewas of the Thames and Munsee-Delaware Nation, respectively.

The Oneida people are known within the Iroquois Confederacy as Onyota’a:ka, “People of the Standing Stone.” Much like their ancestors, the Oneida peoples of today, maintain a deeply rooted connection to the land and to their Iroquois culture and traditions.


Benefit & Gratitude Concert & Art Auction

December 8 - Aeolian Hall


Join us for an evening of music, story-telling and art in support of the Imagine Build project. With music by Leonard Sumner and more! Tickets are available now on the Aeolian Hall website.

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42 families on the waitlist for housing

on Oneida Nation of the Thames

A Partnership

Oneida Nation Council has partnered with Imagine Build to build the first accessible home on Oneida Nation of the Thames.

“We will find good ways to work together, to ensure our community is safe, healthy, vibrant, prosperous and economically viable Iroquois Nation; where all people can fully participate in community life”.



For Donations Under $3000 please e-transfer donations to: and identify the donation you would like to make for The Imagine Build. (ie. $10 for the Imagine Build)

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Please indicate the payment level of donation (ie. $1000 for The Imagine Build) for the and send cheques to:

*For a tax receipt please be sure to include your Full Name, Middle Initial, Address and Email Address.

Oneida Nation of the Thames
2122 Elm Ave
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